Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winside Wrestling

Last Sunday was little wrestlers competing in Winside.  The NC Takedown Club competed as individuals, but also as a team.  They brought home the 2nd place trophy as a team.  The trophy was placed up in the wrestling room at school.
 Justin helped the team earn points by pinning opponent #1.  Justin weighed in two pounds less at this tournament than the last tournament.  This probably helped him bracket-wise.
 More points were earned with pin #2 on his next opponent.
 Then came opponent #3, Trevor.  Justin and Trevor were on the same baseball team last summer and they know each other from the playroom at the YMCA also.  The photo up above is what the coaches tell the kids not to do, "If you are down, don't put your head down.  Keep your head up because then it's harder to do a half (flip-over)."
 Both of these kids were looking for their coaches to find out what to do next.
 Almost a pin up above, but time ran out.
 Justin could not get Trevor pinned.  He came close so many times, but Trevor would wiggle out of it and fight a little harder.  Justin kept looking at Coach Kevin for what to do next.
 All smiles today when they presented him with his 1st place trophy.  Then the parents talked the four in the bracket into a group photo.
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