Thursday, August 15, 2013

Union Station/Science City

Justin and Erica sitting by a pirate.
Before heading home on Wednesday, we stopped at Union Station.  We explored around the train station and let the kids choose between visiting Science City or a National Geographic Pirate Exhibit at Union Station.  After much consideration, the choice was Science City. 
 The kids tried their best to pick up and move the blocks using the robotic arms.  Ashlin and Justin weren't too bad at it.
 Next they tried to find five different things that made music in the music area.
 Onward to learn about kinds of energy such as wind and solar.  They all tried to light up the light bulbs by pedaling a bicycle. 
 The goal was to turn the big wheel fast enough to produce enough power to light up a sign.  Ashlin usually only got half of the sign to light up.  Not enough power in her skinny legs.
 This tug-of-war display with two ropes attached in different places to a lever was fun.  You can see Cara against Keith in this photo.
 Justin had to give it a try also, naturally without anyone on the other side to make it more challenging.
 These two had to make enough power to make the rocket shoot up into the sky.  The more power the higher the rocket shot.  They would have done this for an hour if I would not have told them other kids were waiting for a turn.
While also at Union Station, we checked out the Railroad Experience.  Justin liked looking at all of the model trains, life size engine, and other railroad stuff.  Then we went to a look-out window to see the real trains coming and going.

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  1. What a fun place! I am definitely thinking of a fall trip to KC and hitting all those places you visited!

  2. Looks like they made the right choice. I love places where you can learn things while having fun.