Monday, August 26, 2013

The Things that Kids Say

My kids catch me off guard sometimes with what they say and the questions that they ask.  Sometimes I just have to laugh!


One day while driving to the library this summer the kids were having a discussion about what teachers they have this year and what is their favorite subject at school.  Many subjects were being tossed around PE and recess (not a subject) seemed to be among the favorites.  Then Erica pipes up from the back of the car, "Mrs. Arens and I didn't see eye to eye on Social Studies last year."  Cara asks, "Why not?"  Erica replies, "Well, she thinks that Social Studies should be more about the studying part and I think that it should be more about being social."  Only Erica would come up with this!


My kids went back to school last Wednesday and this happened on the first day.  Cara went in Justin's room to wake him up.  She started off by telling him that he was late for school and to hurry up.  Justin flew out of bed and got dressed in his new school uniform in record time.  Then Cara asked Justin, "Are you excited for the first day of school?"  Justin's reply, "Who wouldn't be excited for the first day of school!  Aren't you excited Cara?"  To be truthful, Cara was excited, but also nervous for her first day of Junior High.

I am sure I will have other fun sayings to report as the school year goes on, not only from my children, but also from some of the students at school.

Take care,


  1. The social part. Love that! Your kids are so cute.

  2. Too funny -- that is a good one about social studies!! The first days are so exciting and nerve-wracking! Hope you all have a great year!

  3. Funny stories! I just posted one on FB tonight. They crack me up!