Friday, August 23, 2013

Boating with Tanner

Our nephew, Tanner, came to visit his Nebraska family a few weeks ago.  Tanner lives in California and is starting college this fall.  We decided to take him boating with us one afternoon.
 Tanner tried this stunt after his Uncle Keith did it.
Keith doesn't usually get to tube, but Tanner drove the boat so that Keith could enjoy the water.

 These two didn't have their weight balanced correctly and this is what happened.  Justin flipped out briefly because he wasn't expecting to end up in the water, but he swam and adjusted.

 Keith could go really fast when Tanner and Cara were on.  Unfortunately, Cara did go flying off the tube a few times.

It was a perfect day for boating and there haven't been very many good days for boating this summer.  The weather has not cooperated this summer much.  Hopefully, we will be at the river sometime this weekend for another day of boating.

Take care,


  1. I think I would have flown off, too! How fun....wish so much we had a boat!

  2. What a fun day! Love the pictures of Keith! Wish we could have joined you!