Monday, August 19, 2013

Cara Becomes A Teen

Saturday night Cara went to bed just being 12.  But, she woke up Sunday morning a teenager.  Yes, Cara turned 13 on Sunday!  We kept asking her what she wanted as a gift for her birthday and she wasn't quite sure.  She told Keith that she didn't want her ears pierced and she told me that she did want them pierced.
 Cara's friend, Charli, came over to hang out and Charli said that Cara told her that she did want her ears pierced.  That was all that we needed to hear and Cara, Charli, and I headed straight for the mall before she changed her mind. 
 Keith and I won't let the girls get their ears pierced until we feel they are old enough to take care of them and be responsible.  Therefore, Cara did not have her ears pierced until yesterday.  She was nervous and scared about how much it would hurt. 
 But, after it was over, she said that it didn't even hurt.  It just burned a little bit.  Then she picked out a few other pairs of earrings to wear after her six weeks of wearing studs are over.
Later Cara chose to go out to eat at Big Red Keno for her family dinner.  Charli went along for the fun.  It was a pretty low key birthday, but Cara did have a few friends over last Thursday for a sleepover after they finished at 7th Grade Orientation.
On a side note, today is my 500th post!  I am thankful for the new friends that I have of blogger.  I feel that I know you without having ever met you.  Thank you for sharing your world with me.
Take care,


  1. Happy Birthday Cara! You are a beautiful girl! Love those earrings! Have fun in 7th grade!!

    Michelle -- happy 500!! It was so fun meeting you at Jodee's -- felt the same way --like I was already friends with yoU! :) Happy Monday!

  2. Happy 500!

    We're almost there in the teen category. Carter is in November!