Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kansas City Schlitterbauns

 Tuesday we spent the day at Schlitterbauns.  This is a fun filled family water park.  It was pretty pricey to get in, but you could bring your own food and coolers.  Plus, the park had free tubes for your use.  We were at the park for about 7 hours on Tuesday. 
 The park had many different areas and the park was spread out over a large area.  The kiddy area had a pirate ship with slides, a train and a turtle for kids to play on.  The area also had a swim-up bar for adults.  The water in this area was almost like a sauna.  It was very warm.

 The park had three lazy rivers.  The first one that we went on was a wave lazy river.  The second lazy river which was very long was filled with numerous areas of rapids.  The third lazy river had a slide tube as part of it.  You could use single or double tubes on the lazy rivers.

 The park also had many slides.  One area had three slides - one tube slide and two body slides.  Then there was another area of tube slides.  The park had both enclosed and open slides.  They also had a boogie board area.

 After a long day of floating and swimming, we declared it a fun day and headed for the hotel.  Cara and I were sunburned, but we still had fun.  Later that evening we went to eat at a BBQ place because Kansas City is know for its BBQ.  Keith had ribs, Cara had brisket, and I had pulled pork and smoked sausage sliders.  The other three kids chose to eat other items off the kids' menu.  The food was delicious!
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  1. Wow -- that sounds like a great water park and it doesn't even look too crowded! I really wish we had made a trip to KC -- maybe in the fall!

  2. Three lazy rivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'd be in heaven.

  3. I'm sure your kids had lots of fun. We did an indoor waterpark last week. Logan loves them but Madison is not really a fan, hopefully she will grow to love them.