Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Step Closer to Kindergarten

I know that school does not start for over a month, but when the e-mails start showing up in my in-box from retailers promoting school uniform sales, I have to act on it.  With four kids in school and all four needing uniforms, we need to look for sales to save at much money as we can.  Around the 1st of July, I had received e-mails from Old Navy and The Children's Place regarding uniform sales.  The girls just dread it when I say the uniform sales are on and everyone has to try on their uniforms.  Justin, on the other hand, was all ready because he is so ready for school to start and be in Kindergarten.
 Justin let me measure his inseam and his waist to figure out what size uniform clothing to purchase.  I am all about buying when stuff is on sale, then using a coupon and qualifying my purchase for free shipping.  Since Justin hasn't been to school yet, he has no uniform clothing.  He needed polo shirts, shorts and pants.
Justin's box of uniforms arrived yesterday from The Children's Place.  He was so excited and ready to try everything on.  I had to snap a few photos of him in his new outfits. 

It is really starting to sink in that he is really going to be going to Kindergarten in a little over a month.  I was a little sentimental having him try on his new uniforms.  He will always be my little boy even if he is growing up!

Take care,


  1. I can't believe he will be starting kindergarten in a month along with my nephew. Time just flies to fast. He looks super sweet in his uniform.

  2. What a cutie in his uniform -- seems like he was a baby just last year!!! I must get to Old Navy for some new polos for Maddy. Lucky for her (and me) I found her two uniform skirts at the used uniform sale -- love a bargain!! :)

  3. Justin looks sooo cute all decked out in his new uniforms! I still can't believe your baby will be starting Kindergarten soon! Time flies when you are having so much fun!

    P.S. Don't forget -- it's all about the coupons! Hurry up, Black Friday! Here we come!