Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fair Rodeo

The Madison County Fair sponsors a rodeo three nights during the fair.  The kids and I took in the rodeos on Wednesday and Thursday night.  I should have had a recorder because Justin asked so many questions about what was happening and why they did certain stuff that all the questions were overwhelming at times.
 The kids loved watching the cowboys and cowgirls put on a rodeo show.  Their favorite part was probably the bull riders, but the clown was a close second.
 Justin thought that the rodeo queen and princess were pretty riding on their horses herding the rodeo stock.
 Naturally, Justin had bored for part of it and had to do some goofing around.  We sat in the open seating toward the south end where it wasn't crowded because I knew what would happen.

 About halfway through the rodeo, all of the children in attendance were invited by the clown to come down into the arena for a contest.  The clown released 8 chickens and whoever caught a chicken received a prize from one of the radio stations.  Justin was all ready to participate and catch a chicken.  Plus this was also a good excuse for him to run and burn off some energy from sitting so long.  Unfortunately, Justin did not catch a chicken, but he was ready to sit again after the chase.

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  1. I love the rodeo. Simple and old fashioned fun!

  2. Wish he would have been able to catch a chicken! What a fun rodeo!

  3. What a fun rodeo. I love they got to chase chickens.