Monday, July 29, 2013

Being Part of the Band

 So one day there was all this noise coming from Justin's room.  It was loud music with other noises in the background and the door was shut.  I opened the door to see what all of the noise was about and this is what I found.  Justin had a CD player cranked up really loud and he was playing musical instruments to the music.
 He had gathered the play instruments that we have: guitar, piano, xylophone, tambourine, and made his tool work bench into a set of drums.  He also found a few microphones for his singers.
 He was playing along to the music having the time of his life.  Justin loves music.  When you ask him to sing, he won't sing because he is shy.  But, you can hear him singing around the house when he is by himself.  He loves to sing along loud to the Wii though.
 He even recruited Erica and Ashlin to be his singers for the band.  Ashlin would not participate in pictures, but Erica didn't care.  They were having too much fun to care.
Take care,


  1. Sweetness. Music with kids is great! My kids are so not musically inclined. :(

  2. So fun. Logan is really into instruments and singing right now.

  3. What a funny boy! We need someone in our family to play the guitar!