Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time to Go Boating

 The boat is fixed!!!  Our kids were so excited to go boating last Friday.  The cooler was packed in record time with sandwiches, fruit, chips, drinks and cookies for the trip.  They were all anxious to go tubing.  The weather was perfect for our trip to the river.  It was in the 90's with hardly no wind.
 At first I thought someone was building a new home on the river, but on a closer look, I think they are just adding on to an existing home.
 Some of the homes on the bluffs look like they are ready to fall down into the river.  They are set just on the edge.
 There were some boats out enjoying the beautiful day, but not too many to make it crowded.
 Everyone took some time to swim around the boat and cool off in the water.
 Even Justin gave tubing a try this time.  He kept telling Dad not to go too fast with him on.

 The kids fight over this spot on the boat.  They like to see where we are going, plus feel the wind blowing on their faces.
 We saw quite a few sailboats out on the river.  The kids are all ready to go on our next trip to the river with the boat again.  Hopefully, we will get some boating in while Keith is on his two weeks of vacation.

Take care,


  1. What a fun day! I hope you guys get some more time out there before summer is over.

  2. It looks like you had sooo much fun at the lake! So sorry we had to bail on you again this weekend! We are so anxious to go boating sometime! See you for Hairball unless you can come to Kamree's party the weekend before!

  3. Oh what fun!! Looks like a blast!!

  4. Oh how I wish we had a boat. Sigh.