Friday, January 4, 2013

Uncle Frank Turns 65

 Last Saturday night we attended a surprise 65th birthday party for my Uncle Frank.  His wife had told him they were going out to dinner with their son and daughter-in-law to celebrate Bridget's 40th birthday!  When he walked into the party everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" and he still did not realize that the party was for him.  After the song was over, he finally noticed a huge banner hanging up that said "Happy 65th Birthday Frank".  He was totally shocked and surprised.
 Our girls took turns holding Julia throughout the night.  Julia is a very good baby that always has a smile for everyone.

 The family served sub sandwiches, clam chowder, chicken noodle soup and cake to the guests.  Quite a few of my family members were in attendance for the party; so, it was a Korth affair.
 Aunt Betty had hired a DJ for the night so everyone could dance.  Uncle Frank and Aunt Betty danced the first dance.  Aunt Betty had also put together a slide show video of photos of Uncle Frank through the years.  The photos were nice to look at, especially the ones of when he has hair.  My uncle went bald at the age of about 20.  I do not remember him ever having hair!
 This is a group dance of my aunt and uncle with all of their grandchildren that were in attendance.
 Aunt Holly and Jack dancing to a song.

 Ashlin, Aunt Kim and Cara dancing to the "Chicken Dance".
 If you look close you can see Grandma Korth and Grandpa Bob dancing also.  The guy with the green shirt is my Uncle Steve and beside him is Aunt Sherrie.
Uncle Frank's son, Sean, sang a Johnny Cash song for our entertainment.

It was a great party to see and visit with family.

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  1. What a fun time -- surprise parties are so sweet and special!