Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scoring Deals!

Last Sunday, the girls, Charli and I traveled to Sioux City to return some Christmas gifts that did not fit or the girls did not like.  Before we left I told them that it had to be a quick tip because school resumed the next day.  From Norfolk to Sioux City is about 75 miles, so it takes a little over an hour to get there.  We needed to go to the main mall and then another outdoor mall that is across the street.  
First we stopped at Old Navy and Ashlin returned a fleece pullover that she didn't like.  She purchased a new swim suit for swimming lessons that start next week.  Then we went to Gordman's and Cara returned a sweater and tank top that she didn't like.  She purchased a pair of Nike shorts instead. 
 Then we were off to Younkers where Cara returned a pair of black boots that were too big.  Next, she was on to Aeropostale to return a hooded sweatshirt that was also too large.  While in Aeropostale she started shopping because they were having a huge clearance sale.  For example, she purchased a black puffy vest that was originally $69.50 for $9.00.  She even asked me if the sign was right on the item.
 She also purchased this t-shirt for $1.80.
Cara then picked out the shirt on the left for $4.50 and the thermal tee on the right for $5.00.  Her total bill was $21 with tax.  She scored some great bargains.  Cara's friend, Charli, also scored some great deals.   As we were leaving the store, Cara looked at me and said, "Aunt Jodee would be so excited about the deals that I just scored in there".  Cara has learned that most of the stuff purchased in our home comes from a sale, purchased with a coupon, or was on clearance.  Why pay full price!

While at the mall, I hit the Victoria Secret's semi annual clearance sale.  Erica spent a few gift cards at Target and bought a new Wii game that she wanted.  We made one final stop at McDonald's for a snack and then it was homeward bound. 

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  1. Love a great deal and I think Jodee would be very proud!!

  2. Wow! Way to go! You gals really rocked the after Christmas sales! As you know, it's all about the coupons!

    I am already counting down the days until Black Friday. I won't need a camera this year, however, Cory still needs a body pillow! HA HA!

  3. I love scoring great deals. Since my birthday is a week after Christmas, I usually spend my birthday money on all the sales.