Monday, January 28, 2013

Bring Isaac Home

Back in November I started asking for prayers for this young man, Isaac.  He was making a tackle in a high school football game and severely injured his spinal cord.  As a result, Isaac is paralyzed.  He spent a few weeks in the hospital and had surgery on his C6 & C7 vertebrae.  He has been wearing a neck brace for weeks to help him recover.  As you can see, his neck brace came off a few weeks ago and he is making great progress.  Following is a link to a recent story published about Isaac

Isaac is set to come home to Norfolk next week from his stay in a rehabilitation clinic.  His family's home is being renovated to accommodate Isaac and his wheel chair.  An addition is being added to the house, doorways are being widened and an elevator is being installed to help Isaac made a smooth transition home. 

The senior class parents are planning a huge benefit next Sunday for Isaac and his family.  They are going to have a pancake feed and a silent auction to help the family with expenses.

I ask that you please continue to pray for Isaac.  His road to recovery is long and hard.  On a good note, he is starting to feel a tingling in his legs.

Take care,

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  1. I will pray that tingling in his legs continues and grows. What a brave young man!