Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cara's Broken Arm

This photo of Cara and her friend, Charli, was taken the day that Cara broke her arm ice skating at Andy's Lake.  Charli's mom, Julie took the photo while the girls were outside.

Yes, Cara's arm is broken.  The doctor at first thought that the arm was just sprained because you cannot see the break on the x-ray.  She was supposed to wear the arm brace for a week and then come back to see the doctor.  The next week the doctor said that the arm must be broke because on the x-ray you could see new calcium deposits and the x-ray didn't look the same as the week before.  Then Cara was told to wear the brace another two weeks and come back.  Last Friday, she went back to the doctor for another x-ray.  This is her last week to wear the brace and then she is to not do anything physical (like basketball) for two weeks.  She is still allowed to swim, which is good because she is in the middle of winter swimming lessons right now.

She still complains that the right arm hurts about 2-3 inches above the wrist.  We just hope that the arm heals properly because this is her dominant hand.  Oh the joys of children!

Take care,