Friday, January 18, 2013

Justin's Indoor Camp Out

 About a week ago Justin asked me if he could this princess pop-up tent out of the store room to play with.  I thought at the time he was going to set it up downstairs in the basement where there is room for this tent.  Oh no, Justin hauled the tent up to his room and put it in the middle of his bedroom.
 Then he proceeded to play in the tent for the rest of the night.  Around bedtime, he asked if he could sleep in the tent.  Keith and I told him that he needed to sleep in his bed because he had school the next day.  But, we added that he could sleep in the tent over the weekend.  Friday night Justin put a sleeping bag, his pillows and his dreamlite in the tent and went to bed.  He slept in the tent Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  He thinks it is so cool!
Justin does not even care that the tent has princesses all over the front and the one side.  He just wanted a tent to play in and sleep in.  We have probably warped him for life, but this is what happens when you are the only boy with three older sisters.

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  1. So funny and so sweet!! A tent is a tent in his book! Have a great weekend!