Friday, January 25, 2013

How To Miss A Childhood

One of the radio stations in town was talking about how parents today are not hands-on when raising their children.  Our society today revolves around our cell phones.  Our children see us constantly attached to our phones. 

Please read the following article on this blog:

This article talks about leading a hands free life when around your children.  This article is awesome and very eye-opening to many people.

I am not a big cell phone person.  In fact, all I have is a tracfone where I purchase minutes based on my usage.  Usually 100 minutes lasts me 90 days or more.  I do not use my cell phone.  I think it is a distraction.  If someone wants to talk to me,  he/she may call our home phone and talk.  I despise talking on the phone while driving because it takes my eyes off the road and that is how many traffic accidents occur.  If you have been in an accident recently, it asks on the accident report if a person involved in the accident was using their cell phone while driving.

Every child is precious and truly a gift from God and they deserve our full attention while growing up.  We are their example in life.

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  1. Great post. I agree and this is something I need to improve on!

  2. So true!! Have a great weekend

  3. What a great post and I completely agree with it. It is so hard raising kids in such a distracted society -- both parents and kids! I wish it was 1970!