Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homework Galore!!!

 This is the scene almost every day after school at our house.  After arriving home from school, the kids get a quick snack and then we have to start on homework.  Cara and Erica spend more time at the table than Ashlin, but they are older.  Ashlin actually gets upsets if no homework is assigned.  Yes, Ashlin loves school and is a sponge for knowledge.  She usually just has a Math worksheet and A/R for the night.  This is Ashlin's first year with the accelerated reading program and she loves it.  Since the beginning of the year, she has moved up 6 levels in reading.  But Ashlin loves to read!!!  Her sisters on the other hand not so much.
 Erica is still seeing a tutor twice a week for an hour each time, but we are thinking of getting rid of the tutor and Mom and Dad just helping her more.  She works very hard on her homework and some nights is loaded down with quite a bit.  It seems that on the days when she has her special classes (Library, Computers, PE, Music, etc) that she comes home with more homework.  4th Grade has been another adjustment for Erica, but she is doing great!  Last week she had the dreaded 4th Grade Science test over plants/flowers and their parts.  We studied very hard for that test (some parents could tell you horror stories about that test).  Plus she had a Social Studies test also last week.
Cara is in 6th Grade this year and Keith and I feel like we are taking 6th Grade over with her. (I do not remember 6th Grade being like this at all.) This is the year for many projects.  Cara is having to learn to balance her time and not procrastinate on homework.  Many assignments are given and then not due for a few days or a project assignment is given and then not due for a week or so.  She must learn to work a little each day on these kinds of assignments.

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for next week.  We can't wait to go and get progress reports on the kids.  The first quarter ends this Friday and the kids are rewarded with only a half day of school. 

I can hardly wait for next school year when we will have four kids with homework.  I have no idea what is even on TV anymore.  Most evenings are spent finishing up whatever homework does not get done before supper.  Some days feel like we are just treading water here with no land in sight.

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  1. I completely feel your pain! We are in the same homework hell here! Life is sooo crazy! I hate to admit it -- but I feel burnt out already! Maybe I just need a vacation!

  2. I can totally relate with 3 in school. Oddly enough, our Kindergartner has the most homework. 4 pages each night, plus reading. Crazy!