Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Big Red!

On Saturday morning Keith and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel before checking out and heading downtown Lincoln.  On game days in downtown Lincoln, it is just a sea of Nebraska fans decked out in red Nebraska gear. We parked in the first available parking lot for $10 on 10th & K.  We don't mind walking and looking around so we didn't park close to the stadium.  As we walked along we spotted many people tailgating already at 10:00 for the 2:30 kick-off.  We made our way to the Nebraska Bookstore and looked around and listened to the pre-game show on the radio being broadcast live from the bookstore.  Naturally the bookstore was packed with Nebraska fans looking to score a few more shirts before the game.  Next, we walked around campus just enjoying the weather, people watching, and smelling the delicious foods coming from more tailgate parties.  Then, we wandered down to the Haymarket and strolled through the farmer's market.  This whole time Keith is talking off and on to his brother, Cory about meeting up somewhere to talk and maybe have a drink.  Then, we stopped in at the Embassy Suites tailgate party behind the hotel.  They had a live band, drinks, and food, plus the admission was free.  We had a drink and listened to the band for awhile before heading off toward the stadium to find something to eat.  We chose to grab some cheese steak sandwiches and continue walking.  Finally we found Cory and Carson throwing the football around.  Keith and I both agreed that we should have told Cory to wear green because he would have been easier to spot in the sea of red.  After talking to Cory, Jodee, Carson and Kamree we decided to head into the stadium for the game. 

Nebraska was taking on Idaho State that day.  The first quarter dragged on for an eternity.  It was nice to see Nebraska score many times, but it slowed down the game.  A few minutes into the 2nd quarter and I had to leave our seats because I could not breathe and started having an asthma attack.  We were seated in the north end of the stadium with the sun beating down on us.  The only time I could feel air movement was if I was standing up and the people around us were not standing up.  Plus, Keith and I were seated between two overweight ladies meaning we had even less room.  The lady beside me apologized twice for something that was not her fault.  So Keith and I went down below where the air was cooler and there was a breeze.  Finally when I could catch my breath again we decided to just leave the game.  By this time the score was Nebraska 42 and Idaho State 0 and it wasn't even half time yet.  I knew that if I went back to our seats I would have another attack.  After having an attack, I am exhausted from not being able to breathe and also from the medication.  Therefore, we walked back to the van and headed for home.  We arrived home shortly after the game was over.  It was a nice and short getaway for us.  We had fun!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed your time away! So sorry it was cut short though! It was fun hanging out before the game!