Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ashlin's New Fashion Accessory

 Yes, Ashlin is wearing a new purple cast on her right arm.  She broke her wrist a week ago on the monkey bars at school when she fell.  Keith took her to see a doctor last Wednesday.  After x-rays, the doctor said that her wrist was not broken, but only jammed.  She gave Ashlin a brace to wear for a few days.  Then late Friday afternoon, the doctor's office called back and said that the radiologist read the x-rays and determined that her wrist was broken.  We were told that we would have to be referred to a pediatric orthopaedic doctor because the break was in her growth plate.  I asked if we could be referred to a local doctor and she said no because of where the break was.  The doctor's office was supposed to call us on Monday after school with an appointment in Omaha with a doctor from Children's Hospital. 

On Monday, Keith and I called the doctor's office three times to get Ashlin's appointment and no one bothered to return our phone calls or else did not know when the appointment was.  Therefore, Keith called a friend of ours who happens to be a physician assistant for one of the local orthopedic doctors in Norfolk.  Steve told Keith to call the office Tuesday morning and he would get her in.  Keith took Ashlin to the doctor yesterday and later brought her back to school with her new purple cast.  She will have to wear the cast for two weeks and then be checked.
After the wrist was x-rayed again, the break is not in her growth plate.  In fact, the bone is not broken, but it has a bump in it.  Steve compared her break to someone trying to break a green twig.  The twig doesn't break in two if it is green, but it bends.  When you try to straighten the twig back out, there is a bump on it where it was bent.  That is Ashlin's wrist, therefore, she will wear a cast for a few weeks to get rid of the bump. 

She is running out of room for people to sign after two days at school.  She needs help getting dressed and writing out her homework.

Take care,


  1. Sorry to her about the wrist, but glad it is not actually broken! Also happy to see that she can still play games and/or text? Hope the two weeks fly by for Ashlin and you!

  2. The poor little thing! That sucks! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

    P.S. I hate going to Omaha for dr. appts. You should have come here!