Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Downtown Trick-or-Treating

 Last Thursday evening the Norfolk downtown businesses hosted their annual trick-or-treating for kids.  Cara and Erica were busy at school with Young Americans, but Ashlin and Justin were not going to miss out on some fun of their own. 
 The weather was dreary, cold and very windy all day.  It even rained for awhile, but these two were determined to do something without their older siblings.  Right away after school, they put on their costumes and we drove downtown to start trick-or-treating at 4:30.  Ashlin refused at first to wear a coat because of her cast.  It was hard enough to get her witch costume on, but after walking a few blocks without her coat she put her coat on.  Then after a few more blocks, she took her hat off because the wind kept trying to take her hat and she couldn't hold onto her hat, her coat and her bucket with only one good arm.
Justin started out with his eye patch on, but after a while he gave it to me to carry and his hat kept blowing off in the wind.  We made it up and down both sides of the street getting candy at the businesses.  Quite a few of the businesses had the kids go inside to get their treat because of the cold.  But a few businesses did have employees dressed up outside handing out the candy.

They are all ready for parties at school tomorrow and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood tomorrow night.

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  1. Our trick or treating got cancelled tonight because we have had snow and high winds. Luckily Logan and Madison went trick or treating with me a few weeks ago at the local park.

  2. What a fun outing! Cute pictures!