Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4-H State Fair Checks Arrive

 These are the smiles that immediately spread across Cara and Erica's faces when their 4-H State Fair premium checks arrived in the mail.  Cara earned $9 for her three blue ribbons and Erica earned $4 for her one purple ribbon.
The Norfolk Daily News printed their 4-H Edition to the newspaper this last week and each of the girls had an article in the edition on a project that they exhibited at the County Fair and also at the State Fair.  They both felt rewarded that they were chosen to submit an article for the newspaper.  Also, they were both recognized in their classrooms by their teachers for their 4-H accomplishments.  We are all so proud of them on a great 4-H year!

Take care,


  1. How exciting! Way to go, Cara and Erica!

  2. That is so cool!! Congrats to your girls! They are pretty awesome!