Wednesday, October 10, 2012

6th Grade Reading Project

 Yesterday, I talked about how the 6th Grade has to do projects quite often.  A few weeks ago, Cara had a Reading project due.  The class had finished reading the book, "Where The Red Fern Grows".  I read the book along with Cara so that I could answer her questions and I had never read the book before, but I had seen the movie based on the book.  So Cara had a sheet with 9 boxes on it and in each box were two projects.  Cara had to select three boxes and complete one of the projects listed in each box.  First, she chose to create a crossword puzzle on vocabulary terms from the book.  Second, she chose to create a Vinn Diagram comparing/contrasting the book to the movie.  Lastly, she chose to create a fern plant diorama and label in detail the parts of the plant.
Naturally, she did not tell me that this project was coming and when it was due until a few days before.  Cara was very lucky that ferns were on sale that week at Hobby Lobby because I had to go buy one.  (Her teacher cannot believe that I went out and bought a plant.  Her teacher is also my first cousin)  What a Mom will not do for a child!  We used a pot from the garage and filled it with real potting soil.  Then stuck the fern in the pot.  I cut off a stem to better label the parts.  Then in the bottom of the box we used yarn to show the roots.  Cara then had to take everything to school and give a presentation to the class on her three items for the project.  She received an "A" for the project and the teacher even commented on how well her fern plant looked and was very detailed in labeling.

P.S.  She also had a group Science project due that same week.  It was a video over the periodical table.  Fortunately for Cara, a classmate in her group has parents that own a video recording company and they helped the group with the project.

I can't wait for the next project!

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  1. Oh yes, homework fun! YOu're a great help!! Love that plant!!