Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekend of Concerts

 A few weekends ago, we attended the Divots Summer Concert Series.  Rock bands played on Saturday night and Sunday was the Country Throwdown.  Keith's brother Cory and his wife Jodee (aka. Follow the Leaders) came up to attend with us.  On Saturday, Cory and Jodee were unable to attend so we invited some friends, Steve and Mary to go with us.  We had so much fun.  The first band on Saturday was a ZZ Top cover band called ZZ3, followed by Hairball, followed by the Rudd Band.  Hairball is an 80's cover band and they sound awesome.  They have 3 lead singers that rotate.  Each lead singer dresses like the lead singer of the cover band whose songs they are performing.  Some examples of bands:  Kiss, AC/DC, Prince, Poison, etc.  
 On Sunday, we first listened to some up and coming artists and then we were entertained by Rodney Adkins.  He was good and had the crowd really rocking.
 Then we listened to Gary Allan and ended the evening with some fireworks.
 Jodee was kind enough to share some of these photos with me because I do not take my camera to these events.  My camera is too heavy, I do not like to take a purse inside, and there are too many beverages around to spill on my camera.  Thanks Jodee for sharing.
All of the kids hung out at our house with Cara in charge for the night.  They had fun just like the adults did.  They had pizza and pop and just enjoyed playing.

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  1. So sorry we missed the first night! However, we had a blast the second night! I hope we detour that way for Labor Day for Round 2!

    P.S. Just remember -- Life Ain't Always Beautiful! I think I am still laughing!