Monday, July 2, 2012

Memorial Aquaventure Park

 The City of Norfolk opened a new water park on June 15th.  The bond issue to build a new pool failed once before passing the next time.  Included in the bond issue was a renovation of the City's football field, renovation of the City's baseball field, and the demolition of the old pool and the building of a new water park.  The City of Norfolk has two pools, but they were both built in the early 1970's; therefore, both pools were not in the best conditions.
 Citizens could purchase pool season passes early and then be entered into a drawing to be one of the first 10 families to enter the park and go down the slides first.  Our family was one of those first 10 families.  We arrived at the pool at 11:45 a.m. on the day of the opening and we were allowed to enter the park 5 minutes before the public.
 The new water park has many features which include:  a body slide, a tube slide, a regular swimming pool with two diving boards (a high dive and a low dive), a zero depth entry wave pool, and two kiddie features.
 This is Keith shooting out of the body slide.

 Ashlin tried the body slide also, but she sat up instead of laying down which decreases your speed.
 Ashlin loves the lily pad crossing.
 Cara and Erica tried the tube slide first.  The tube slide is covered and the best feature is the multi-colored neon rings.  These neon rings provide the tubers rings of light as they travel down the slide.

 Justin is too short to ride the slides, therefore, he heads straight for the kiddie features.  He loves the fish slide in the zero depth entry pool.  But he also loves the giant octopus kiddie water feature.  The octopus has a tube slide and two regular slides for the little ones.

 The new pool has numerous lounge chairs for visitors.  Some chairs are in the sun for sunbathers and some chairs are in the shade under these giant canopies.  
 The wave pool has become a family favorite.  There are tubes to ride the waves in or you can jump waves.  Justin has to be watched at all times because he doesn't always realize how high the waves will be.  He can not go past the 3ft. mark on the side of the pool.
Ashlin loves going off the high dive.  The new water park has about 15 lifeguards on duty at one time.  They are everywhere which makes you feel safer.  We have been to the water park many times in the two weeks that it has been open.  The swimming locker rooms and concession stand will also serve a dual purpose as locker rooms and concession stand for football and baseball games.  This has been a huge improvement to the City of Norfolk.

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  1. That place looks so cute with all the critters built in!

  2. You guys are so lucky to have something like this in your town. We have to drive about an hour to get to a waterpark like this. Enjoy!