Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Madison County Fair 4-H Entry Day #1

 Last week was the Madison County Fair.  Cara and Erica are both members of the Needles & Knives 4-H Club.  This is Cara's 2nd year in 4-H and it is Erica's 1st year.  They both worked hard and each exhibited 15 items in 4-H.  This Mom pushed them the whole time to get as many things completed as possible.  At the time, they were both sick of Mom pushing them, but the end results had both girls smiling.
Cara completed three sewing projects for the fair.  In Clothing I she completed these owl covered pajama pants.  They are considered a simple bottom and they were easy to complete with the toughest part being the elastic waist.  Cara had problems feeding the elastic through the casing.  The pajama pants earned Cara best exhibit in the Clothing I sewing project and she received a very nice pair of scissors as a prize.
 For Decorate Your Duds, both Cara and Erica exhibited a t-shirt made with sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol.  The project was easy and both of them received purple ribbons.  They both had to explain to the judge how to complete the project.  Cara's t-shirt gets to go on to the Nebraska State Fair as an exhibit.  Cara was very excited.

 Erica and Cara also both completed scarves that were tie-dyed using dry Kool-Aid mix.  They both received purple ribbons on their scarves.  Erica's scarf gets to go to the Nebraska State Fair.  The judge thought these scarves were so cool!  This judge was my high school bus driver.  She is a great lady, a great judge and a Master Gardner.
 Erica completed three sewing projects.  She completed a wool pincushion which received a purple ribbon.  She also completed this striped yellow bee pillow.  The judge commented how her stripes matched on the edges.  For Erica's pillow exhibit, she received the award for best in Sewing For Fun project.  Erica's prize was a beginner sewing kit and accessories with a tote bag.  She was very excited with her prize!
 Erica also completed this firework patterned laundry bag with a drawstring closure.  She received a purple ribbon. 
 Cara's other two sewing projects were a patchwork pillow with four squares on each side of the pillow and an owl patterned envelope closure pillow.  Both of her pillows received purple ribbons.
Both of the girls made these fabric table runners to be used as dresser scarves in their rooms.  They completed their table runners at a 4-H project day last winter.  Erica received a purple ribbon and Cara received a blue runner.

On Entry Day #1 the girls had to enter their non-perishable items: sewing items, craft items, posters, etc.  They each brought 10 items to the fair on this day:  Erica received 9 purple ribbons and 1 blue ribbon and Cara received 8 purple ribbons and 2 blue ribbons.  I was very proud of both of them for their accomplishments.  They both had excellent interviews with the judges and explained thoroughly how to make each project.

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  1. Great job! I loved 4-H but I remember the stress of getting everything ready for the fair.

  2. Those are all so good! Way to go!! I loved 4-H, what great memories...that is something they will always remember. :)

  3. Wow -- great job for your girls!!! Looks like so much fun and state fair -- how cool!