Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Music in the Park

 The Norfolk Noon Rotary Club is promoting a new event in Norfolk for the summer months.  They are sponsoring Music in the Park once a month during the summer.  They are trying to model this event after Omaha's Jazz on the Green.
 The first night was held a few weeks ago and we went to see what it was all about.  We took along some crackers and snacks and two bottles of wine.  Normally, you can not drink in our public parks, but the city council gave the go ahead on alcohol being consumed for these music events.
 The first night was attended by about 500 citizens and it was so much fun.  People were seen having picnics with food and beverages and enjoying a night of relaxation and music.
 Cara and Erica helped their friends, Reilly and Charli, collect donations for the two bands that played and for the club to sponsor more music events.  Reilly and Charli's grandfather, Stan, was one of the chairmen for the event.
 The girls enjoying some snacks and listening to some music.
 Knowing someone in charge also allowed them access to the stage after the event to sing and goof around for awhile.

We cannot wait for the next Music in the Park in July.  Next time we will make sure to get their early and to come more prepared with food and drinks.

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  1. This is such a fabulous summer outing! It looks like everyone had sooo much fun! We have a similar event here called Jazz in July!

    Thanks again for the fun weekend!

  2. I like the bright candid images. :)