Thursday, July 19, 2012

Madison County Fair Entry Day #2

Yesterday I posted about the first 4-H entry day of non-perishable items.  Fair Entry Day #2 was last Wednesday and that meant everything else went to the fair.  This included 4-H perishable items (baking & flowers) and all open-class items. 
 Yes, this is the back of my van before we left for the fair.  We used two laundry baskets, a wicker basket, a box and a flat to get everything there.  Plus you can not see the front of the van where Cara has a box of flowers between her feet to hold steady and each of the girls is holding vases of flowers.  The morning of the fair is very hectic at our house trying to get everything ready at the last minute.  Cara and Erica each had 5 more items to enter in 4-H.  Cara entered a coffee cake, two recipe box files, marigolds and black-eyed Susan's.  Erica entered rhubarb muffins, peanut butter cookies, a recipe box file, marigolds and black-eyed Susan's.  Cara received 4 purples and 1 blue and Erica received 3 purples and 2 blues.  They both took extra baked goods over to open class and entered an art project.
Ashlin's prize winning cucumbers on on each side of her head and her onions are on  the left .
 The night before entry day Ashlin asked me what she could take to the fair and make money also.  She was not to be disappointed.  She took white onions, two sizes of cucumbers, two art projects  and some of my leftover baked cookies.  She was so excited when she went to the fair on Wednesday night and discovered all of her ribbons.  Ashlin also won a prize for having the best in class cucumbers.  Her prize was a 6-pack of Coke.  Plus she earned $11.50 at the fair.  I also exhibited at the fair in open class.  I took a total of 36 entries: 11 floral exhibits, 2 canning exhibits, 3 gardening products and 20 baked exhibits.  Yes, 20 baked exhibits is a lot of baking.  My baked exhibits included: 4 cakes, 8 kinds of cookies, 3 loaves of bread, 3 kinds of muffins, brownies, and banana bread.  I will not have to bake for quite a while.
This photo is of the sewing prizes that Cara and Erica won at the fair.  I would have posted this photo yesterday, but I spaced off that it was still on my camera.  The girls had an excellent year at the fair, each receiving 12 purples and 3 blues.  They each earned $35.00 in the 4-H part with a few extra dollars in the open class part.  I am so proud of them!!!

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  1. Wonderful job with all your projects. I am impressed with all the projectd you did too!

  2. Way to go! You gals are sooo talented!

  3. Growing up in Southern California, I confess I had absolutely zero knowledge of 4H before we moved here(other than reading about it children's literature about farm kids!). I have learned a lot about it in the years we've been here. I'm so impressed with all girls did so well!