Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bowling Over Break

The prize that Ashlin won for her last coloring contest was two free games of bowling and free shoe rental.  Her two certificates were going to expire at the end of 2011 so on Friday we headed to the bowling alley for some fun.
I have no idea the last time that we have gone bowling.  It is not an activity that we think about doing when we get bored.  Justin and I just watched the other four bowl.  Ashlin and Erica got to use the bumpers.
Ashlin bowled the best out of the three girls.  She started the first game swinging the ball, but after a while she switched to granny style bowling.
Erica attempted to use good form, but it needs some work.
Erica and Ashlin were glad that they got to use the bumpers or their scores would have been a lot less.
Cara struggled with form, but it got better in the second game.
Dad wasn't very excited about his scores, but it was a fun activity.  When they were finished, we picked up supper through the McDonald's drive-thru.  I found $20 worth of McDonald's gift cards that I forgot to wrap up for the kids.  Good conclusion to a fun activity!

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  1. Bowling is a blast! Cory took Carson and Kamree bowling last Friday. Too bad we don't live closer to meet at the alley!

    Happy New Year!