Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Fun Night at the YMCA

Friday night the YMCA hosted its first family fun night.  They are going to try hosting family fun nights the first Friday of every month this winter.  The theme for the first night was swimming.  The event was held from 5:30 to 7:30 last Friday night.
The staff planned many fun events for the evening.  Cara and Ashlin are playing water volleyball on the far side in this photo.  Cara went to the event with some friends and Keith took Ashlin down to enjoy the fun.  Erica was off at a friend's house for the night and Justin and I stayed home because I was having some asthma issues that day.
Cara is leaning on the wall to the far right in this photo.  Some of the events included boat races, swimming races, diving contest, smallest and biggest splash contest, coin dive, etc.  The girls had a lot of fun that night.  Ashlin won the smallest splash off the board contest.  She earned a YMCA t-shirt for her effort.  But the coin dive may have been their favorite.  Between Cara, Ashlin, Charli and Reilly they got $20 in coins out of the water.  Therefore, each girl earned $5 for their efforts.  Good job girls!!!

They are all excited to go next month again.  Cara told me the theme for next month is games in the gym.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your asthma acting up. That stinks!

    It looks like the Y was loads of fun. Our Y is hosting a similar event "float and flick" this Friday, however, we are headed to CoCo Key on Saturday so we may not go after all. I know the punks would have a blast though!

    P.S. I need to call you and tell you all about my camera issues. Cory convinced me that I didn't need three cameras so I took the sweet little Nikon back before I found out that camera #2 is sick and cannot be fixed!! How many more days until Black Friday?! I need another camera!