Friday, December 30, 2011

Leader Christmas

On Christmas Day after playing with some of our new toys and enjoying biscuits and gravy for breakfast, it was time to get ready to head to Grandpa and Grandma Leader's house.  Late afternoon we got on the road for the next phase of the Christmas celebration.
Grandma decided that we would have a simple supper meal of soup, taverns and various other goodies.  There were four kinds of soup to choose from and so many goodies.
After eating and cleaning up, we all headed for the basement to start the unwrapping of gifts.  The younger cousins all draw names and exchange gifts.  You have to wait for your name to be drawn to guess who has your name before you can open.
The adults do a men's and women's gift exchange involving a game.  Grandpa and Grandma gave each grandchild an ornament, Relay for Life t-shirt, and books.
Grandma made each adult a fleece blanket for Christmas to keep us warm on those cold Nebraska days.
Ashlin received an initial "A" necklace in the exchange.  This item was on her Christmas list.
Uncle David picked out this Nebraska volleyball t-shirt for Cara.  He knows how much she loves volleyball.
Erica received items that were "blingy".  She received a hot pink purse, glittered "E" journal and hot pink headband in the exchange.
Justin received a John Deere tool belt with tools and this hat.  The hat needs to be reshaped, but Justin wore it the rest of the night.  These tools will get lots of use.  He loves using his tools to help Dad.

Needless to say the flu bug was not done at our house.  On the way home, Erica got sick and shortly after getting home Justin also got sick.  It was a long night for all with the washing machine running two loads over night.  The next day Dad didn't feel well either.  Then on Wednesday night the flu bug hit me.  Hopefully we are all done with that nasty business for the year.

Take care,


  1. Holy cow! You guys had a rough Christmas! Cory had a stomach bug this past Wednesday and Thursday. The rest of us have managed to escape it so far!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year! We are headed to Omaha tomorrow afternoon!

  2. Hope start out the new year healthy! Looks like a wonderful Christmas.