Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing Cowboys

Yesterday after school Justin was playing cowboys.  He has a pretty good imagination when he plays.  He carries on a running conversation with no one, but his imaginary friends.  This is the costume that he thought a  cowboy would wear.  I wasn't paying much attention because I was helping with homework, making supper and trying to get ready for a meeting.  When I did stop and look at what he was doing, I had to take a photo.  The play drill in his hand was a gun in his mind.  Justin does not have toy guns so this was his next choice.  I'm not sure why he put on the safety goggles, but he wore his John Deere hat because cowboys wear a hat and I think the toy tool belt may have been his gun belt.  He was having a blast and that is the main thing.

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  1. Isn't it funny? Experts say, "Don't give your boys guns," because you're telegraphing gender bias. Really? Okay, so what do the experts have to say about drills? He's clever and imaginative and I love that you took the picture!