Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Swimming Lessons

All four of the kids are taking winter swimming lessons right now at the YMCA. Every Sunday late afternoon for eight weeks we will be at the pool. The first week of lessons was cancelled because of the weather and we had some disappointed kids on our hands. But the last two weeks we have been there. Justin was especially excited because this is first time to take lessons. The first week I went in the pool with him and last week Daddy went in the pool with him.

Justin and Daddy working on kicking.

Blowing bubbles in the ring and having to put our chin and nose in the water. He was so proud of himself for doing it.

Ashlin practicing her back float.

Cara swimming the breaststroke. Cara doesn't get to have fun at swimming lessons. All she gets to do is swim laps.

Erica practicing her diving. This last week she did much better with no belly flops.

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