Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap/Catholic Schools Week

What a weekend! On Friday Cara had her BFF, Riley, spend the night so that they could work on their dance for the talent show on Sunday at school. Ashlin had a friend come home from school to play for awhile. After enjoying homemade pizza and playing, Keith took Morgan home around 8:30. Then Erica had a friend spend the day at our house on Saturday playing. It is much easier to control the fighting if they each have a friend over at the same time. Yes, we have quite the house full of kids, but the more the merrier!

Keith and I took turns going about our days and watching the troops play. Saturday morning, Keith went to the Y for his cycling class while I showered and made breakfast of muffins and biscuits and gravy for everyone. Then I went to the school to help make the soup for the Soup Luncheon on Sunday while Keith watched the troops. Catholic Schools Week is this week and our school always kicks it off with a Soup/Sandwich Luncheon on Sunday after the Masses. We made 6 roasters of chicken noodle soup, 5 roasters of chili and 2-3 roasters of vegetable beef. They have a talent show also during the soup luncheon. Cara and her friend performed a dance.

I had to laugh because when the music started and Justin saw Cara on the stage he said really loud, "That's my sister!". Cara and Riley did a great job!

The weekend also included Cara singing for Mass with the Sacred Heart Singers Choir, attending a birthday party for my brother at my parents' house, swimming lessons and homework. Two major tests this week for Cara in science and social studies. I will have more about Catholic Schools Week as the week goes on.

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  1. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. Way to go Cara for partiipating in the talent show!

  2. What a fun weekend. Have a great week!