Monday, June 14, 2010

Visiting the Farm

Growing up, I always lived on a farm and my parents still live on a farm. My parents are not farmers, but they have always lived on a farm. My children find it hard to believe that I know how to do certain things on a farm. Growing up, we always had chickens, cows, horses, cats, a dog, and during some summers we had sheep. My children are "city kids" and do not like animals at all. They will go to the zoo and look at the animals and like them, but you will not see my children stepping one foot inside the petting zoo or even getting close to touching an animal. Memorial Day weekend when my brother and sister were both home with their families we went out to the farm on Sunday to play and hang out.

Justin riding the trike and Chase wanted a ride too. Grandpa has lots of cement to ride on out in the shed. It is too hard to ride a trike on the crushed rock of the driveway.

Cousin Jack wanted to ride on the trike also, but his legs aren't quite long enough.

Grandpa Bob hitched up his team of horses to the hay wagon and gave everyone a ride. Justin didn't want to go for a ride, so Justin and I stayed behind and played in the house. Justin likes to feed Grandpa's horses apples. He doesn't get close to the horses. Justin just throws the apples over the fence to them.

My children will never be farm kids, but they do like to go visit Grandpa and Grandma Korth's farm.

Take care,


  1. It looks like a fun day on the farm! Our little city slickers love the farm too!

    I can't believe how big Jack has gotten! I almost didn't recognize him!

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. How great is that?

    Growing up, my grandparents raised chickens and had a rooster. Plus, an enormous garden that we'd spend hours playing in. Veggies galore. Then, my grandmother would make homemade pickles. It was like something out a story book. I wish all kids had that!

  3. Oh fun! My grandparents lived on a farm and we had so much fun visiting them -- but some of the animals creeped me out! :) Have a great week!


  4. I, too, was a city girl, but low and behold, I'm longing for a few chickens of my own these days. If my childhood friends could only see me now, they certainly wouldn't recognize me! Glad to know your kids had so much fun.