Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Flood

Last week the northeastern part of the state of Nebraska was hit hard with rains for several days. The rain fell hard and fast causing streams, creeks and rivers to fill and go over their banks causing massive flooding in the state. The city of Norfolk experienced flooding in the southern part of the city. This flooding led to some businesses to be shutdown, parks closed and people being evacuated from their homes. Communities surrounding Norfolk also received flooding and more serious problems than Norfolk. The small communities of Neligh and Clearwater were hit extremely hard. Some small towns are having to boil their water because of contamination due to the flooding. The flooding caused streets, roads and highways to be shut down also. Some roads and highways are very damaged and some have been washed away from the Elkhorn River flooding.

Also some bridges collapsed or were washed away in the flood waters. The worst tragedy to hit our community of Norfolk was when three railroad workers were inspecting a bridge for safety and the bridge collapsed while they were on it. One worker climbed to safety, another worker was rescued by emergency personnel with a boat, and the third worker was not found for several days. Finally, the third worker's body was found and recovered from under the collapsed bridge and his funeral will be today. This 38 year-old man was a husband and father to two boys aged 3 and 6. We found out after the tragedy that he lived with his family just three blocks from our home.

You may view photos and read about the flood at our local newspapers website norfolkdailynews.com. They keep saying that what happened is a 100 year flood! Most people in our part of the state do not have flood insurance because we don't experience flooding like this. Some people are trying to figure out what to do with their homes due to the damage caused by the flood and not having insurance to cover the damages. No one can ever remember flooding like this in our community or surrounding communities. I just hope that it never happens again in my lifetime.

Please keep those affected by the flooding in your prayers.

Take care,


  1. Our weather has been just crazy this year. I was so sad to read about the 38 year old in the paper yesterday. My heart just breaks for his wife and family. I can't even imagine sending your husband off to work in the morning and him not coming home at night. What a tragedy.

  2. The weather has been so awful lately. That's enough rain! I was so sorry to hear about that young worker -- so heartbreaking.