Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Bible School

On the Tuesday after Memorial Day, the kids and I headed off to Vacation Bible School for the week. Vacation Bible School at our church always starts on the Tuesday after Memorial Day and runs through Friday. We meet every day from 9 to noon. I help in the Preschool room, the girls go off to meet their group in the gym and Justin goes to the babysitting room. This year's theme was "High Seas Expedition". I enjoy working in the Preschool room where every day is a new adventure. The first day is the worst day because all of the 3-5 year olds are scared and don't know what to expect, but by the last day they know the morning routine and have lots of fun.

This is Monica, the Preschool room director, helping the children learn a lesson through a puppet show. The children love the puppets and everyone wants to sit in the front to see. Monica had to put a blue tape line on the floor, so that no one could get too close and crowd the stage.

Timmy, the treasure chest, shared a treasure of God's Word with the children each day. One of the teenage volunteers climbing into the box each morning and helped the children learn a lesson through making the box talk about God's Word.

Since the theme was "High Seas Expedition", naturally we would have a boat for the children to spend some time in.

Ashlin working on a craft one day in the cafeteria. Notice that she has her hair in rollers because we had dance recital also that week. She didn't want anyone to see her rollers so she wore her Tinkerbell hat.

This in the song leaders teaching the preschoolers new songs. The children love song time.

It was another fun week at Vacation Bible School. The girls are already wondering what next year's theme will be and Justin will get to participate next year because he will be 3.

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  1. Looks like the girls had a blast at VBS. I love the rollers picture! I am getting ready to roll Kamree's hair on Thursday for her birthday pictures on Saturday. I like two day roller hair the best!

  2. What a wonderful time. Our VBS is next week.