Monday, June 7, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was a BIG day for Grandpa and Grandma Leader. They were married 50 years ago yesterday on June 6, 1960. In today's world where 50% of all marriages end in divorce, being married for 50 years is a great accomplishment. We had a very busy week at our house, but we were up early yesterday and traveled to Bloomfield to surprise Grandpa and Grandma Leader on their big day. We will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner and open house in their honor in July when more family and friends will be in town.

We joined them at 10:30 Mass in Bloomfield. Mass was being celebrated in their honor on their 50th anniversary. Grandpa and Grandma were surprised when we slipped into the pew beside them. During the announcements before Mass, the lector pointed out that it was Roger and Merina's 50th wedding anniversary. Father pointed out during his homily that it was their 50th wedding anniversary and Father also called them forward for a special blessing during the prayers. There were many family members in attendance for Mass. They were Lois Leader (sister-in-law), Frannie and Sharlene Guenther (brother & sister-in-law), Charlie and Judy Guenther (brother & sister-in-law), Michael Guenther (nephew), Gary Leader and family (nephew) and our family. Many parishioners congratulated them after Mass.

After Mass, we invited all the family members and Father to join us for lunch in Lindy at the Country Club. Lindy is a very small town, but the buffet lunch was excellent. We enjoyed a salad bar, cheesy potatoes, ham, pork loin, green beans and cake off of the buffet.

Justin got his picture taken with Uncle Frannie.

Roger and Merina enjoying the day!
Merina commented that the weather was the same yesterday as the day of the wedding. It was a sunny and beautiful day! After lunch, our family returned to the house to play, visit and have ice cream and brownies. Grandma Leader is always ready to serve dessert to whoever stops in for a visit.

To put it simply, "It was a great day"!

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  1. 50.......50.......50!!!!! So awesome. So uncommon these days.

  2. So sweet! How wonderful that you were able to go there and celebrate with them! Congrats on 50!


  3. Congratulations to them on 50 years. It was so special that you guys got to spend the day with them and help them celebrate.