Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Few 4-H Fair Projects

Last Saturday was the 4-H entry day for all non-perishable projects.  The girls had a fast and furious couple of weeks to get everything completed.  There was one day that I think you could have gotten high from the paint fumes in the garage.  We had projects all over the house in various stages of completion, but in the end, Cara got everything done, Erica had everything except for one item, and Ashlin didn't get two things completed.  This isn't bad considering how many entries the girls had.
 This year the girls did quite a few of the same items with variations to each of them.  For example, they each made these wooden letters.  Three purple ribbons on these letters.

 They each did a project that involved recycling an old softball and turning it into a flower.  The one pictured above is Cara's.  All three girls received purples on this project.
 This burlap stenciled table runner caused Cara and I fits, but it received a purple ribbon and Cara said the judge loved it.  This was NOT as easy as I thought it was going to be.
 All three girls used modge podge to adhere fabric to terra cotta pots.  The judge was not thrilled with this project, although, it was completed at a 4-H project day.  After the judge had looked at a few of these pots, she was questioning her ribbon choice on the first few pots.  I am wondering if she went back and changed some ribbon placings because many kids completed this project.  I can't wait to put actual plants in these bright patterned pots.
 Another recycled project the girls completed was one that involved using empty toilet paper rolls and turning them into designs.  Cara and Erica made crosses and Ashlin made a sunburst design.
We will be back at the fair the week after the 4th of July to enter all our baking, flowers and gardening.  More photos of projects and ribbons will be coming later. 

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  1. How fun! You are such a talented fam!

  2. I love seeing their ideas and entries! Great job and so creative!