Monday, June 22, 2015

Bloomfield Q125 Celebration

This last weekend was Bloomfield's Q125 Celebration!  Grandpa and Grandma Leader live in Bloomfield and it was also Keith's 30th Class Reunion.  Therefore, it was a time to celebrate in the small town of Bloomfield.  Friday night we went up to listen to the Dueling Pianos and they were great.  Before we left town for the night, the kids watched the start and finish of the Glow Run which was held at the park.
 Saturday morning we were back in Bloomfield for the celebration parade.  We had a great spot at the beginning of the parade, right on Main Street and also in the shade.
 Many floats featured large birthday cakes in honor of the celebration.

 Many of the surrounding small towns had entries in the parade, such as Wausa, Osmond, Belden, Crofton, Creighton, etc.  It was great to see these other small towns being so supportive.  The photo above is of the Wausa Vikings.  This is a constant in many parades.
 Also no small town parade is complete without the Shriners, fire trucks or tractors.
 Cousin Michael drove a fire truck through representing the City of Crofton.

 As you can see the parade was long.  This is from where we sat looking downtown Bloomfield.
 It was a HOT morning!  Therefore, these two men representing Lewis and Clark had to be dying in these fur coats.  After the parade, the kids weighed how much candy they collected during the parade.  The bucket and bag of candy loot weighed in at 6 pounds.
After the parade, Keith stopped by the teacher/staff reunion to visit with some of his old teachers from Bloomfield High.  He enjoyed visiting with them.  Then we had lunch at Grandma & Grandpa Leader's house before heading across the street to play and watch the mud volleyball tournament.

 Later in the afternoon, we took in the Quilt Show at the Community Center.  Then we headed to the fairgrounds for the free Kid's Games and a craft/vendor show.  Also at the fairgrounds, visitors could check out The Wall which featured the names of soldiers killed while defending our country during various wars.

It was a great day with many activities!

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  1. Wow -- that looks like such a fun event! Very cool!

  2. Wow! I am sooo impressed! What a fun parade!

    P.S. We are coming back for the Knox County Fair this year so count us in for Hairball. I hope Grandpa and Grandma are up for babysitting that weekend and we better get on their busy social calendar soon!

  3. Small town celebrations are so much fun!

  4. Small town celebrations are so much fun!