Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coach Pitch Baseball

 Justin is busy playing coach pitch baseball every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  He is on the Canham Maytag Twins team. 
 The league is about learning fundamentals, everybody getting to play, playing all positions on the field and everyone batting.  If you don't hit the ball after seven pitches, then the tee is brought out to hit off of.
 Last night wasn't his best night of hitting, but he hit the ball every time off the pitch.  Justin did get to play pitcher position last night also.
Uncle Randy and Cousin Eli were in Norfolk yesterday, so, they stopped by and caught a few innings of Justin's game.  It sure was a HOT night to play!

Take care,


  1. Hope it cools off a little -- nothing like 95+ degree heat in June! Good job Justin!

  2. I hope Justin is enjoying baseball this summer. We wrap up our seasons in two weeks!