Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer League Begins

This last week summer volleyball league started.  Erica and Ashlin will play games every Wednesday.  They have practice on Tuesday night and then play league the next day.  Two weeks they play in Battle Creek and two weeks at Lutheran High Northeast.  Cara is helping coach Ashlin's 5th Grade team.
 I think Ashlin had a smile on her face all day!  She was so excited to play volleyball again.  Ashlin ended up playing two games with the 5th Grade team and then one game with the 6th Grade team because they were short on players.
 For Ashlin's size, she has a powerful serve.  She serves overhand and is almost back to the regulation serving line.  She surprises many people watching with her serve.
 For the first week back in the gym, both of the girls' teams won one game and lost one game.

 There were good plays and bad plays on the day.  But, the focus is fundamentals and getting touches while having fun and learning more about the game.
Summer is in full swing here at the Leader house.  Cara is in the weight room 5 days a week.  She works two days on arms, two days on legs and one day of summer conditioning.  Cara doesn't start league until July.  Justin is playing baseball two nights a week.  Erica and Ashlin have volleyball two times a week and they started going to a basketball fundamental night at the school on Wednesday nights.  We are trying to squeeze in some time at the water park on hot, sunny days, but so far there have been few of them.  Then we really need to get cracking on the 4-H projects because entry day is rapidly approaching.  And last, I may be off from school for the summer, but I still have to complete my merchandising jobs each week.  Hopefully, the weather starts to cooperate and we can get the boat out of storage and have some fun up at the river.

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