Thursday, July 2, 2015

League Champions

The baseball season came to an end last night with Justin's Canham Maytag Twins winning the coach pitch championship game 14-4 over the Phillies.
 The end of the season tournament started last week and each game is win or you are done.  In the first game, the Twins won a defensive battle over the Angels 5-4.
 Then the next game, the Twins beat the Tigers 25-13.  Justin's team has been up and down all season.  They would win one and then lose two, but when it was tournament time the defense and the bats came to life.  They didn't hit this well all season long.
 During the regular season each batter is given seven pitches and if you don't hit the ball the tee is brought out to hit off.  But, during the tournament, no tee is used, so, if you don't hit you are out.  These kids did not want to get out, therefore, the bats were swinging and connecting.
 It was fun to watch them improve as the season went on and winning is always a good thing.
 At the end of the game, when they were told to line up to shake hands, they were asking if they won or lost because the score isn't posted anywhere and they have no clue what the score is.  They all jumped up and down when they found out they had won the championship.
 The team received a trophy and each player received a medal for winning.  Justin was pretty proud of his medal!
 This little boy is Caleb.  Justin and Caleb were the only kids on the team from Norfolk Catholic.  They were talk, play catch, and have fun together.  Caleb is an excellent ball player!  His dad was the team's assistant coach.  Caleb usually was the lead off batter and played first base.  He catches anything close and hits like a champ.  His Dad, Brian, played college baseball at Wayne State College and also coached for awhile.  You can tell the time he has spent working with Caleb by watching this little boy play.

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