Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Running for Ribbons

 Justin isn't old enough for Track & Field Day at school yet, therefore, he did Youth Optimist Track Club in April.  His ribbon meets were last week and the week before.
 Justin decided to run the hurdles and the 100 meter dash for his two running events.  First up were the hurdles.  Justin started out in the lead until he clipped a hurdle and went down getting pretty scraped up.  But, he did get up and finish the race.  The hurdles were set up backwards because of the wind, therefore, instead of falling over if you clipped them you instead fell.  More than one child ended up face down on the track.
 After getting patched up on both knees, he was ready for the 100 meter dash.  Justin won his heat and received a first place ribbon.  We were very proud of him for going back out and running another race after his mishap.
Another evening we went back for his field events.  Justin placed third in the long jump and fourth in the baseball throw.  When asked if he will ever hurdle again, he replied, "Maybe". 

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  1. Way to go, Justin! He is such an athletic guy!