Thursday, May 21, 2015

On To Junior High

Yesterday, on the last day of school, Erica was promoted during Mass to Junior High School. This is a huge day for the 6th Grade class.  They dress up for Mass and process into church to "Pomp & Circumstance". Erica was in the last grouping to walk into church (Erica, Carly M. Josue).
 After bowing in front of the altar, Erica making her way to her assigned seat.
 The 6th Graders performed the many tasks during Mass, such as greeting, singing, reading, presentation of gifts, etc.  At the end of Mass, the 6th Grade class was presented for graduation.  Each student's full name was read, Erica Pauline Leader, she then received her certificate from Mr. Hale, shook Mr. Hale's hand and shook Fr. Andrews hand.
 Then she moved onto our school President, Mr. Berryman, and received her house shirt for next year.  Erica automatically goes into the House of Aquinas because Cara is in that house.  Siblings in families are placed in the same house family.
 Everyone at Mass applauds when the they say "We present to you the graduating 6th Grade class of 2014-2015".
 Erica with her 6th Grade teacher, Mr. Korth.  Dusty is my first cousin and both Erica and Cara had him as their 6th Grade teacher.  He prepares them very well for the big step across the parking lot.
 It was required to take a photo of the three graduates from our neighborhood.  These three hang out together, play, do homework, fight like siblings, and have fun.  Hopefully, they stay friends - Sienna, Preston, and Erica.
 This group of girls are some of Erica's best friends - Mary, Anna, Erica, Sienna, and Hope.
 We couldn't let the day pass without a photograph with the parents and grandparents.

 The girls in the class.
We pulled these two little "buddies" (Bailey and Justin) out of 1st Grade to take a photo with the graduates.  Justin considers Anna, "Deuce", one of his best friends/crush. 

After Mass, the class had a reception of cake and juice/coffee.  Then they received their report cards and were dismissed for the day.  In the afternoon, the class met up for bowling.  Then some of the girls hung out at Sienna's and had pizza. 

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  1. Wow! That's exciting! Congrats Erica!!

  2. How exciting! Everyone is growing up and it's so bittersweet!