Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 2: Track & Field Day

Day 2 at the Track was very windy and not as warm as Day 1.  By the end of the day, I was exhausted from the wind hitting me all day long.
 Before the field events start, Ms. Freese gives the students a talk about rules, sportsmanship, etc. and then Mr. Hale, the principal, leads the students in a prayer.
 Ashlin chose the long jump and the football throw for her two field events.  She placed 4th in the long jump and 4th in the football throw.

 Ashlin for her two running events chose the 50 Meter Dash and the 200 Meter Dash.  Ashlin placed 2nd in the 50 Meter Dash.  If you look close, you can see me at the finish line yelling at Ashlin to run faster.

 Ashlin placed 4th in the 200 Meter Dash.  The girls ended up having to run the 200 Meter race twice because Mr. Hale screwed up the staggered start.
 Lastly, Ashlin ran a leg on the 4x400M Relay team that placed 1st.  She was tired girl when the day was over!
On Day 2 at the track, I ran the softball throw in the morning and helped time runners in the afternoon.  Keith was in charge of photos both days and he helped me at the softball ring for awhile.

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  1. Field days are fun days -- looked like you escaped the rain for a little while anyway! Enjoy the end of the school year!!