Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Art Projects

The school days are numbered and stuff is starting to come home from school.  For example, art projects are making their way home in backpacks.
 Mrs. Kraft, the art teacher, put some artwork on exhibit during the music concert last week to showcase awards the students had won at various art shows this spring.

Before the concert, Justin told me that he had a picture on display and that he had won a ribbon.  I asked him what the picture was.  His answer was, "It's you and me holding hands Mom."  Then he went on to tell me that it wasn't his best work and that he didn't try very hard.  Oh well, the moment was there briefly.  But, then he showed me the picture and yes, we are holding hands and yes, I do have red hair. 
 Ashlin had two pieces on display.
 Erica had this shoe sketch on display and also this ceramic fish mask that received honorable mention at an art show.
Now to find a place for them!

Take care,


  1. Such great little artists!! Love these and you two holding hands -- adorable -- keep that one forever! :)