Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jr. High is Coming to An End

 Last night was Cara's Jr. High Awards Banquet.  This ends her time in Junior High School.  Junior High whizzed by in the blink of an eye.  The evening started out with the presentation of the academic awards.  Cara was blessed again this year with the silver academic award.  The silver award is a grade percentage of 93-94% for all four quarters.  Cara's class is considered a smart class and it was evident when the guidance counselor passed out the academic awards with 24 out of 30 students receiving an academic award. 
 Later in the evening, Cara received participation awards for volleyball, basketball and track.  In volleyball Cara was voted by her peers to receive a few special awards.  She received: 8th Grade B Team - Most Dedicated Player, 8th Grade A Team - Best Motivator and 8th Grade A Team - Best Hustler.  She also received an Art Award for having her art drawing go to an art show and place.
 It was great to see this small class receive so many awards and accomplishments.  Now they will move on to high school and whatever that holds for them.
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  1. Wow -- way to go Cara!! Those girls are so cute! I'm sure fun high school days are ahead!