Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Ashlin!

Happy 10th Birthday Ashlin!  As Justin says, "You are two whole hands now"!  Ashlin's birthday was on Friday, and it was extra special because there was No School.  Plus, Grandma Korth took the kids out for lunch on Thursday because there was no school since the Norfolk Catholic girls were playing at state basketball.  Ashlin spent her birthday relaxing, watching "Mockingjay Part I" that came out on video on Friday, watching her brother wrestle and then eating ice cream cake.

Ashlin got a huge smile on her face when one lady at the grocery store told Ashlin that she was now a "pre-teen" since she was double digits.

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  1. Wow -- no way that sweet Ashlin is 10 and a pre-teen already! She's adorable! Hope she had a great birthday!