Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Celebrating Nebraska's Birthday

4th Graders all over the State of Nebraska study Nebraska History in Social Studies.  Last week the Norfolk Catholic 4th Graders were invited to the Elkhorn Valley Museum in Norfolk to celebrate the state of Nebraska's birthday. I was asked to accompany the group to help supervise.
 One famous person from Norfolk, Nebraska is Johnny Carson.  The museum has a large display on Johnny Carson, his career, his home, his awards, and the large donations that he has made to our community.

 The kids were also treated to a presentation on the workings of a printing press.  They explained how the press works and then each student got to operate it and print on a sheet of paper.

 The students ended their visit answering some Nebraska trivia questions and enjoying birthday cake and Kool-Aid.
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  1. That sounds so cool!! As we know, there is NO place like Nebraska!

  2. What a fun field trip! I agree with Jan -- there is no place like Nebraska! It's really a hidden secret!