Thursday, March 26, 2015

Injury Update

Cara has sidelined with her shoulder injury since the beginning of February.  After having an x-ray and an MRI, the doctors determined that she has a partial tear in one of the ligaments in her right shoulder.  This causes Cara to not be able to lift her right arm above her head or move that arm in certain directions without pain.  The best option for treatment would be surgery, but since Cara is only 14 years old, the doctor doesn't think that we will find a surgeon that will operate because of the sports/overuse injury.  Therefore, the doctor is sending Cara to physical therapy three days a week.  They hope that the scar tissue will go over the tear and hold the ligament together.
 Last Friday, the physical therapist measured Cara's improvement during certain exercises and there has been some improvement in her range of motion.  Plus, Kelli, the physical therapist, gave Cara the okay to play the back row in volleyball with no overhead activity at all.  It was limited playing time, but at least she was back on the court and smiling.
 At certain times, I could tell that positions hurt and that she would compensate with her left arm to help the right arm out, but she was on the floor and it is progress to the goal of getting back on the court fulltime.  Sunday was the last day of volleyball until the summer so Cara will continue to go to physical therapy, rest the shoulder and hope that it heals.
Take care,


  1. Hope it heals for her! I know she loves her sports and so hard to be sidelined!

  2. Wow! Cara must've been doing so well to have improved the range of motion of her shoulder in on such short notice. I guess she's that passionate about her sport, that she'll do and follow any instruction that will result to her getting better sooner than expected. Kudos to her for being such a trooper! Thanks for sharing that, Michelle! All the best to your family! :)

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Back and Neck Center of Brick